Amazing Benefits Of Tangerine Fruit

Tangerines are a specific variant of Mandarin oranges (Citrus Reticulate), which are reddish-orange in color. They belong to the family of Rutaceae and are cultivated mainly in the tropical forests of Southeast Asian provinces (1). Tangerine fruit trees are smaller in size as compared to orange trees, and the fruit has a deep orange color with a flat shape. It can be peeled easily and is a fibrous fruit nutrient-wise.

1.Rich Antioxidants Prevent Inflammation

Oranges are naturally a great source of Vitamins for the human body. And so are the Tangerines, with their rich Vitamin C sources providing the perfect antioxidants required for the body. These antioxidants prevent inflammation in the body.

2. Fights Skin Diseases & Arthritis

Tangerine fruit has been used quite frequently in medical treatments as they fight effectively against skin diseases and arthritis.

3. Heals Cuts & Wounds

They help in healing minor cuts and wounds.

4. Absorbs Iron From Food

They also help to absorb iron from food very easily.

5. Restricts Cholesterol Absorption

Tangerine consists of fibers like pectin and hemicellulose that restrict the absorption of cholesterol in the gut which cuts the risk of obesity.

6. Improves Digestion & Prevents Chronic Diseases

The dietary fiber in this fruit also improves digestion that is good for the overall working of the body. Also, a number of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases can be prevented with proper consumption of tangerines and other orange varieties.