Company Profile

Founded in 1999, the Hua Sheng Group is the first largest Chinese grocery chain in Toronto. It currently has four branches named Oriental Food Mart and Al Premium Food Mart, and one warehouse center, located across southern Ontario, serving millions of customers in the Greater Toronto Area, Markham and Mississauga.

In 2012, Hua Sheng Group expanded beyond a Chinese grocery store to become a multi-ethnic food provider. As a result, Al Premium Food Mart was established to truly reflect the diverse communities in Canada to better serve the multicultural palettes. Al Premium immediately received immense mainstream and ethnic media attention, and was deeply appreciated by customers spanning across all cultures.

In July 2015, Hua Sheng Group and Walmart Canada officially signed an agreement to not only become Walmart’s grocery supplier for fresh foods, but also command all grocery strategies and operations, including logistics and purchasing of international dried goods.

Hua Sheng not only brings quality and affordable products to Canadian immigrants, but it is also a multicultural hub.” 
– Jason Kenny, current Chair of Shadow Cabinet Committee on Strategic Operations, former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. 


Corporate Values

For many years, the Hua Sheng Group is determined to innovation and development in its management, operations and execution. Each store has its own uniqueness, as products are carefully selected based on the community needs and interests. Aside from Chinese products, stores also carry other international daily items and unique products that make customers to feel right at home when they are shopping for groceries.

The Group aims to constantly improve its operations by continuously minimizing products shipping time to drive low-cost operations. In addition, the team has built excellent working relationships with established food suppliers worldwide. This has resulted real savings passed on to consumers, combined with bulk purchasing power, Hua Sheng Group is able to ensure the best quality at the best value.

Brand Strategy

The Hua Sheng Group emphasizes on brand development during its growth process. Its branches reflect on the needs and interests of the nearby communities by offering best fresh meat, seafood, and multicultural products.

The group’s service goal is not only evident through out the stores, each store works with various suppliers to provide customers with food samplings and special events on a weekly basis.

Al Premium – the ultimate destination for multicultural foods – works with the best of international food suppliers to offer themed food celebrations. Every year, the stores host important events such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, Easter, Orthodox Easter events, for customers to experience and to appreciate each other’s cultures and customs.

Each store also has a unique company structure by taking a multicultural approach to serve the multicultural customers. By mid-2015, the diverse Hua Sheng team has served over thirty different countries and cultural groups.


The Hua Sheng Group prides itself in company transparency, corporate responsibility and unity power. The group believes its staffs are the greatest assets, and it continues to nurture the team with constant professional training. This is only one of the reasons how the group has grown from a small 1000 square foot store to a chain enterprise today.