Dear Valued Customers /尊敬的顾客:

in accordance with the Goverment of Canada's ban on single-use plastics, starting fromApril 1st, 2023, Al Premium Stores will no longer be offering free plastic shopping bagsWe kindly remind you to bring your reusable bags when shopping.
For your convenience, plastic bags are available at checkout for 5 cents each or reusablebags for 30 cents each.
We appreciate your understanding and support! - AI Premium Team

根据加拿大联邦政府对一次性塑料制品的禁令要求,自2023年4月1日起,本店将停止提供免费的一次性塑料购物袋。我们提醒您在购物时自备可重复使用的购物袋。如有需要,本店将提供一次性塑料购物袋 ($0.05/个) 或可重复使用的环保袋 (每个$0.30/个)。请在收银台购买。感谢您的理解和支持! - 华盛超市