Al Premium New Item Creation

Starting from April 1, 2021, all new products submitted to the Al Premium Head Office must be accomplished with product images
(See Al Premium Product Image Requirements).

The NIC (New Item Creation) form has been updated and you can download a copy of the template (download now) at any time, or require a template being sent to you by contacting Al Premium Head Office at or call 905.270.2009.

All mandatory fields must be completed as required before submission. Incomplete forms or missing photos will not be processed.

If you have further questions, please contact The New Product Creation Team:


Phone Number: 905.270.2009 ext. 39



最新版本的新产品添加表格已经更新,您可以立即下载新产品申请表或联系华盛总部 或致电905.270.2009

所有必填项必须按照要求完成。华盛总部将不会处理任何不完整的表格或者图片缺失的新产品 。



Phone Number: 905.270.2009 ext. 39

Documents Download 文件下载

1. New Item Creation Notice ( 华盛集团新产品创建通知 ) -- Download (下载)

2. Al Premium Product Image Requirements ( 华盛新产品图像要求) -- Download (下载)

3. New Item Template V1.3 ( 华盛新产品添加表格模板1.3) -- Download (下载)